What’s new in LaborX release 1.6.6?

What’s new in LaborX release 1.6.6?

​Our latest release offers some helpful new functionality but also improves the user experience, making the service easier and clearer to use.

As the crypto markets and DeFi sector continue to soar, more and more people are interested in owning digital assets. Freelancing is one of the best ways to acquire crypto, swapping time and skills for digital cash. That’s why our latest round of updates aims to make it easier than ever before to use LaborX, both to earn crypto and manage your holdings. Here are the highlights of v. 1.6.6.

New landing page

The updated LaborX home page is simpler, easier to understand for new users, and places a greater emphasis on Gigs and Jobs by displaying some of the top opportunities available. It also highlights the benefits of using LaborX over conventional freelancer platforms.

1inch exchange integration

Users can now swap the tokens they receive as payment and hold in their LaborX wallets using an integration with 1inch, a popular decentralised exchange aggregator. This offers efficient trading for Ethereum tokens, and it’s also now possible to use 1inch to trade tokens on Binance Smart Chain, which offers significantly lower transaction fees than Ethereum.

Chat notifications

We’ve added notifications to each chat to make the workflow clearer for users and warn them about common problems.

Other improvements

  • Freelancers can select the wallet to which they want to receive funds when confirming a Gig offer. This can be their LaborX wallet or an external address.
  • Various updates to the mobile UI.
  • Website optimizations that reduce the amount of JavaScript code required per page, enhancing loading times and the overall UX.

That’s all for this release! Stay tuned for more updates over the coming weeks.