The Final Release of 2022: New Jobs flow with the Integration of chats

The Final Release of 2022:  New Jobs flow with the Integration of chats

Integration of Chat funtionality into the Job Flow makes it seamless for both Talent & Customer/Client.

In the year's final release, the LaborX team focused on remastering the Jobs section and redesigning all the interfaces and user flow from scratch. As of now, the core changes are already in action, and we can focus on the details in the year ahead.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what we’ve introduced this time.

Jobs 2.0

While the processes of creating and browsing through job offers became more comprehensive, we also redesigned the My Jobs and Job details pages. On top of that, we came up with a more straightforward contract flow. Now, when a talent applies for the job, they determine the deadline, budget, and cryptocurrency they wish to be paid in. Afterward, a customer/client is free to reject or accept the offer.

All job-related conversations were conveniently moved to the chat. After a talent sends out the application, our system automatically creates a chat room between both parties dedicated to this particular application. Note that the talent cannot initiate the conversation in chat, but once a customer/client responds the discussion begins.

To sum it all up, our new and improved hiring process looks like this:

  • A customer/client creates a job listing.
  • A talent sends through an application, requesting more information about the job. Note, that it is still not the final offer but an inquiry.
  • The customer/client needs to respond to initiate the conversation and discuss the job’s details. Talent cannot send messages first, they need to wait until the customer/client responds.
  • Once the two parties agree on the terms, the talent creates an offer to start the job.
  • The customer/client accepts the offer for work to begin.

Minor fixes

Apart from the major changes, we have also improved the available filters & user interface on the job search module and enabled email notifications for talents when someone responds to their gig offer.

Have you tried posting a job with us yet? Check out the new flow, and let us know what you think of it.

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