Announcing LaborX Release 1.6.1!

Announcing LaborX Release 1.6.1!

The latest update has several features that make our platform more user-friendly to everyone, helping broaden the appeal to freelancers and customers outside of the immediate crypto community.

LaborX 1.6.1 is now live. This release includes several key updates, including new and improved listings of available Gigs, a fiat on-ramp, and WalletConnect integration for greater convenience and security.

Let’s take a look at the latest features in more detail!

1. New ‘Browse Gigs’ page

We have updated the page that displays the lists of current Gigs, changing the algorithm to make it simpler and more intuitive for users.

The page now looks like this:

One of the major improvements is the change to the Category menu, making it easier for users to select the type of services they need.

Additionally, we’ve updated the way that Gigs are displayed, and the algorithm that determines which Gigs are given priority in the listings. This has made the UI much clearer, and provides a fairer way of ranking each Gig.

Each Gig is now listed using a rating, calculated from multiple factors, indicating how active and competent the freelancer is considered. (The ratings are not displayed and are only used behind the scenes to determine listing order.) The following table shows the different measures and weighting that make up these ratings.



Min rating

Max rating

% of total rating

Freelancer reputation

All freelancers are sorted by reputation, from highest to lowest. The freelancer with the highest reputation scores 100 points, while the lowest scores 0. Those in between are scored according to their position on the list.




Recent activity

This element rates users by their more recent login:

0-2 days ago: 100 points

3-7 days ago: 75 points

8-14 days ago: 50 points

15-21 days ago: 25 points

21+ days ago: 0 points




Customer engagement

The platform alreadys records the number of views each Gig receives. This element of the rating also adds the number of times a customer has clicked ‘Send message’ to engage with the freelancer.
Together, the ‘conversion rates’ of views and clicks account for between 0 and 50 points.




Number of hires

A similar metric is used for clicks on the ‘Hire’ button.




Premium account

If the freelancer is a Premium account holder, an additional 60 points is added to the rating.




Recent Gig bonus

Because we want to motivate freelancers to post new Gigs, we’ve added 0-50 points for recently-created Gigs, giving them a temporary boost in the listings.




2. WalletConnect integration

We have also integrated WalletConnect into LaborX, making connecting via supported mobile wallets safe and easy.

WalletConnect is an open protocol that uses QR codes and deep links to connect dApps with mobile wallets – a more convenient and secure option than regular desktop or browser extension wallets. Messages are encrypted and communicated across a bridge server, meaning your private key is not exposed to the web. WalletConnect is available for Android and iPhone.

3. Transak, fiat to crypto gateway

Another major addition of this release is the integration of the Transak fiat-to-crypto gateway into LaborX.

Any user can now buy popluar cryptocurrencies ETH, USDT & DAI directly within LaborX using a credit card or bank transfer (SEPA).

Finally, following our recent email appeal to our users, we achieved #2 Product of the day on Product Hunt! We’d like to thank everyone for their support in helping us get noticed on this popular platform for tech lovers.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for further updates.

The LaborX team