Sinum SuperApp: Crypto Management Made Easy

Sinum SuperApp: Crypto Management Made Easy

Imagine a world where navigating the intricate cryptocurrency landscape is as easy as taking a leisurely stroll through a park. Now, imagine a crypto SuperApp—a unified space crafted to fulfil every digital financial need.

That's the vision driving Sinum. This app is on a mission to simplify and optimise the daily routines of crypto enthusiasts, spanning from regular users to traders, researchers, and developers.

Info and Features

The SuperApp strives to redefine your financial experience—combining wallet, swapping, lending, DeFi, news widget, blockchain explorer, smart contract interaction, and much more in one sleek and universal hub.

Sinum is being built to simplify asset management, allow you to engage in vibrant discussions, and even perform due diligence on any crypto address.

Market Watch and News

The app allows its users to stay ahead with real-time market insights and the latest crypto news. Knowledge is power, and Sinum ensures you're always in the know.

Token Swap and Lending

Sinum enables seamless token swap features and offers lending options, all within the app.

Explorer and Aggregated Data

Users can access all the blockchain data and aggregated data on major crypto projects’ repositories.

Block Chat and Support

Connect with the crypto community on Block Chat, and if you need assistance, customer support is just a message away.

Smart Contracts Management

The Revoker feature acts as a crucial security checkpoint, allowing users to regularly review and revoke allowances granted to smart contracts, mitigating the risk of potential theft.

Sinum's Smart Contract feature simplifies interacting with Ethereum's smart contracts. Add any contract's address to access its full interface, allowing actions like reading properties, making calls, and exploring logs via a mobile-friendly platform.

Token Launcher

Sinum simplifies ERC-20 token creation, typically a complex and costly task, by offering a user-friendly, free solution. Just fill in four essential fields—Name, Symbol, Initial Supply, and Decimals— and Sinum manages the rest, from deploying the smart contract to assisting with liquidity pool creation on DEXes.

AML Check

The AML Check widget performs due diligence on crypto addresses. Users can assess the security score and detailed information, including risk levels and statistics, for a given address, allowing informed decisions before engaging in transactions.

Sinum’s CEO Explains the SuperApp

LaborX spoke to Artem Kushnerik, Sinum’s CEO, to learn more about this ambitious project, the security measures, partnerships, community, and the team’s plans.

How did the idea for Sinum originate, and what challenges or opportunities in the cryptocurrency space did you aim to address with the app’s development?

The idea came from simple things: we were tired of constantly switching apps and platforms, switching wallets, and we would like to move all the functions to a smartphone because there are problems with Web3 platforms in terms of UI/UX and usability.

After some thought, we discovered a common problem that Sinum aims to solve for Web3: mass adoption is hindered by Web3 usability, challenging onboarding processes, a fragmented market landscape and a UI/UX design that is out of step with the global shift towards mobile accessibility and user-centric experiences.

What strategies does Sinum employ to reach and engage with a diverse user base, considering the different needs and preferences of crypto enthusiasts?

We use a variety of strategies to engage a diverse user base in the crypto community, including integrating features through partnerships with established projects, actively engaging with users on social media and online platforms, and producing educational content.

Additionally, Sinum's strategy includes building awareness through strategic partnerships with industry and thought leaders, and driving growth through referral programs and influencer collaborations.

How does Sinum ensure a seamless user experience while integrating such a diverse range of features within a single app?

We decided to take the UX of Web2 mobile applications and apply its principles to Web3 functionality. This means that when using the Sinum App, you can access everything without leaving the app. Let's say you want to sell tokens.

The News / Market Watch widget notifies you of the latest market movements, then via Currency Rates you check the rates and in Token Swap make a transaction. It's easy and takes much less time than switching between various apps or resources.

How does Sinum approach partnerships within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and are there any notable collaborations or integrations in the pipeline?

We've already established partnerships and integrations with CryptoPanic, Whale Alert, Aave, Compound, Flashbots, 1inch, Coinmarketcap and Walletconnect.

We're eager to find new partners for strategic partnerships and integration. It's not just about protocols and big projects, it's also about small solutions that make the user's life easier. We're always looking for and integrating new projects to make our product even more useful and convenient for the Web3 community.

Can you elaborate on the security measures in place, especially regarding the Revoker feature and smart contract interactions, to protect users from potential risks?

To ensure your safety, Sinum provides a handy tool for interacting with any Ethereum Smart Contract, including non-standardised ones, by making its interface available for testing and experimentation. This tool is more reachable and easier to use than the top-rated IDEs.

Giving permissions to smart contracts can be risky, as hacked contracts or malicious developers can abuse these permissions. To avoid this, the Revorker widget regularly reviews and removes smart contract permissions. Managing the amount and duration of these permissions is critical to securing your tokens.

Could you share more about how Sinum ensures the security and legitimacy of the ERC-20 tokens created using its free tool?

Sinum simplifies the creation of ERC-20 tokens. Only four key fields need to be filled in: Name, Symbol, Initial Supply and Decimals. After entering this information, users can select a blockchain fee to deploy their smart contract on Ethereum.

In terms of security and legitimacy, Sinum assists in contract verification on Etherscan for legitimacy, makes tokens available in the wallet widget for instant distribution, and assists in the creation of liquidity pools on DEXes for trading.

How does Block Chat contribute to fostering a sense of community among Sinum users, and what role does it play in the overall user experience?

Block Chat improves community building among Sinum users by offering a secure platform for sharing important information, thereby fostering trust and reliability. It has different functions in personal and work contexts, such as proving authorship, making promises, and documenting business deals.

Additionally, its combination with the Ethereum blockchain and Sinum wallet helps make safe and verified invoices possible, enriching the overall user experience with a blend of communication and financial options.

How does Sinum source and maintain the accuracy of real-time market insights given the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market?

Through a variety of widgets, Sinum sources and maintains accurate, real-time market insights on the dynamic cryptocurrency market. Market Watch widget shows bitcoin's dominance in market capitalisation, the Fear and Greed Index in the market, Longs vs Shorts ratio, and Top Lists highlights the top cryptocurrencies and exchanges.

In addition, Sinum features a News widget that aggregates trusted crypto news and Crypto Panic widget that provides news with its impact on prices and market trends.

Could you share more about the compliance standards Sinum adheres to in the process of launching tokens with AML checks?

To make AML verification as easy, transparent and reliable as possible, we have created the AML Check widget. It helps you determine whether an address is involved in illegal activity.

The widget analyses the address and assigns it one of three confidence levels.

  • Danger if the address has been seen gambling, sanctioned, or storing stolen coins.
  • Suspicious if there has been a high-risk, medium-risk or very high-risk exchange or a high-risk P2P exchange, or if the address has been seen in liquidity pools.
  • Trusted if there is no suspicious activity: marketplace, miner, and low-risk P2P exchange.

Are there any upcoming features or enhancements in the pipeline that users can look forward to in future Sinum updates?

We are constantly improving Sinum and its features. Supporting all L1 blockchains, building educational programmes and implementing crypto education in Sinum according to EdTech standards, introducing gamification and achievements - this is what we are working on now. For the most recent updates and releases, keep an eye on our RoadMap and Release Notes.

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