What’s new in LaborX release 1.6.5?

What’s new in LaborX release 1.6.5?

This time, we have a short and simple update, focusing on several features that improve usability – vital as the platform scales and more users look for work and freelancers on LaborX.

1. Google/MetaMask registration

The first change is an apparently minor one, but will have a significant impact on enhancing the experience for new users. It’s now possible to register and sign in using Google or MetaMask, making it easier than ever before to get started on LaborX and bringing the service into line with popular standards in both the crypto world and for general web users.

Users now no longer need to provide their first and last names when registering. Instead, they should add them to their Profile information.

2. Add new file types to Jobs/Gigs

Another minor update that will make a big difference is the ability to add .doc and .pdf files to Jobs and Gigs. Previously, only .png and .jpg images could be attached. This allows freelancers to showcase their talents more extensively, and customers to provide more information and examples than before.

3. Optimisations

Finally, we’ve optimised the site’s JavaScript code, resulting in faster page loading times. We’ve also implemented caching of pages, and automatic clearing of the cache. Overall, this reduces the time taken for the server to respond by between 80 and 90 percent.

That’s all for this update. Happy freelancing!