What’s new in LaborX release 1.8.0?

What’s new in LaborX release 1.8.0?

The latest release includes some important new features that make the platform easier and more powerful to use than ever.

1. Polygon (MATIC) blockchain support

Layer 2 networks have become established across the DeFi space as a response to the high gas fees of mainnet. We have decided to start with support for Polygon, one of the best-known scaling solutions for the Ethereum blockchain. LaborX users now have the choice of Ethereum L1, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain. MATIC, DAI, and TIME will all be supported on Polygon from the outset, giving Freelancers and Customers different payment options at a low gas cost.

2. Wallet and contract redesign

We’ve overhauled the wallet page to provide a richer and more flexible user experience, with a new dashboard, plus deposit and withdrawal pages. User balances are now displayed more clearly, and it’s easy to set a default wallet, add and remove addresses, and swap tokens. The transaction history is also more visible.

The new wallet page makes information about balances and transactions much easier available

Deposit and Withdrawal pages are now easier to use.

The redesigned contract page now includes more information, including deadline, estimated gas prices as well as estimated job mining rewards.

3. CGU Axie Infinity Integration

The launch of Crypto Gaming United (CGU) has provided the opportunity for several integrations with Chrono.Tech’s products. One of the first is the ability to apply for and process Axie Scholarships via LaborX, including:

We’ve also added an Axie players dashboard to users’ profiles, giving key statistics and payouts.

That’s all for this release! We’re continuously adding new functionality and improving the platform, so let us know what you think of the updates – feedback from the community is always welcome.

The LaborX team