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Mikko Ohtamaa

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DApp developer: frontend/Solidity

Telos is a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain based on originally EOSIO source code, with fair token distribution and strong on-chain governance as unique selling points. Now Telos community has developed EVM-as-a-smart contract compatibility layer to attract existing Solidity/Vyper projects to the Telos blockchain.
Overview of Telos EVM:
Release roadmap:
Telos Foundation is now looking for a blockchain engineer who can help to deliver and polishing Telos EVM to make it attractive for Solidity developers. The end goal is to have a JSON-RPC API compatible implementation of Ethereum on Telos mainnet.
What we offer
Remote work on the timezone you choose
Flexible hours
A pure community lead project true in crypto spirit
Technically challenging scope of work
A negotiable salary based on your skill level
Open-source project with high peer recognition value
Colleagues in all cultures around the world
What we expect from you
Able to deliver some of the items as described in Telos EVM roadmap
Able to coordinate with other community developers
Working 40 hours a week
Linux/macOS operating system experience
Solidity and Ethereum basic development skills
JavaScript frontend experience with React, Vue.js or others
Familiarity with open-source software development model, Github and such
Experience in writing test suites and utilising continuous integration services
Experience in writing developer documentation and blog posts
You actively use Dapps
You are actively involved in the cryptocurrency community
Expectations are negotiable - if you are particularly strong in some areas, other developers can help you out in others.
You will be paid in cryptocurrency.

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