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Plutus ( combines the ease of modern banking with access to crypto currencies. The finance app consists of a UK account or a European IBAN to manage fiat & crypto in a non-custodial wallet. It includes a decentralised exchange to swap between both asset types, and a rewarding Visa Debit Card. Every time a user spends with their Plutus Card, they earn 3% back in crypto (PLU), staking PLU unlocks additional rewards (up to 15%) at selected household brand names.

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Do You Earn A Salary in Crypto? Paid Market Research

We are a FinTech company conducting consumer research to understand the needs and wants of people who earn crypto as part of their salary. You will get paid to answer some short questions on a video call with one of our team members. The entire process will take no more than 30 minutes.
All data is anonymous
There are no wrong answers
You are contributing to building an amazing crypto product
Please respond to the application and we will be happy interview you and reward you for your input.
The interview will be recorded and kept privately so the team can revisit answers. The audio/visual content will never be shared publicly.
Duration: 30 Minutes
Device Requirement: Computer/Smartphone with a camera
Criteria: You earn cryptocurrency as part of your salary & are EU/UK based 
Reward: $15 in USDT

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