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Affiliate marketer of our team

My name is Stefan and I'm a leader of NFT team called "MonsterNFTs". We've managed to sell only one NFT, so that's why we are looking for an affiliate, bloggers, social media account owners to promote our art. 
We usually price our art around 1000$ each.
If you manage to sell our artwork you will get a 15% to 20% commission on each NFT sold. Also, I need to note it here you will get your commission after our NFT is sold. This means, that you will be getting around 150$ to 200$ per each NFT. We currently have minted only 2 NFTs, but we've prepared around 100 for a sale. So, if you become our long-term affiliate and we manage to sell all NFTs you will have around 15,000$.

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NFT Dealer

This post is going to consist out of two things. One is to show what's possible, the other is to show you what's required.
What's possible with this job position:
-You will earn an 50% commission PER NFT (We usually price our NFTs at 1000$)
-You have the freedom, you can choose any marketing strategy you want, you can cold call, use hashtag strategy anything the only thing that matters is.. Are you able to close? 
-You can work as little as possible or as much as possible, up to you, the only thing that matters is that you close the deal
What's required:
-You need to love selling, marketing and so on
-You need to be able to close deals
-We charge 100$ (negotiable) to entry this job (you will get a nice NFT that you will be able to resell for 900$ - 1000$, so 800$ - 900$ profit, how amazing is that?)
Also, many people ask me why I need to put 100$ dollars up front? For your business to thrive, you will need to invest in it. So focus, on your goals and don't let anyone get you off from your path to your dream.
Also, commission will be paid out in crypto of course.

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We are looking for NFT collectors who would love to invest in a new and upcoming NFT project. Our mission is to help children recover from serious deceases or at least give them a second chance. Don't you believe every single person deserves a second chance?
The best thing about this project is you can also make money while helping others. How amazing is that? 
Since, the popularity of our NFTs grows fast the NFTs you purchase will skyrocket in price, which is gonna give you huge profits. 
If you aren't interested in buying NFTs, but just want to help us out, please send ethereum to this address: 0xE6773929c1c13C5Fdc5CFC02467b0D1C309371b9
or BTC to this address:
DON'T sleep on this, grab the opportunity and change the world. 

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