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Willie WittzEnd

Member since September 2021

Retired Investor Group, Looking to Maybe Do a Smart Contract Project on SmartBCH, Simple Smart Contract, Platform must have EXTREMELY low gas fees. Banking product for the poorest of the world to those who live in 1st nation status.

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Smart Contract Consulting

We are a group of retired investors. We have also invested in Crypto and now have a Banking Product we think would be great if done in the Crypto Space. We are looking for Smart Contract Consulting, do an overview of the project, provide a simple write-up on feasibility in respect to the code, see if a simple Smart Contract could be built that would provide the poorest of the poor in the world a Banking Product as well as for people living in first world countries. We are looking at SmartBCH as a platform because we need EXTREMELY low gas fees/transaction fees. SmartBCH uses Solidity and can work just like ETH's ERC-20s. Other platform suggestions are welcomed.
If you can consult with us, look over the concepts that we have and are trying to accomplish (simplified project version), and tell us what can or can't be done using a Smart Contract, as well as educate us, provide simple code examples, we will pay you $400 USD in ETH or in other Crypto for consulting.
Let us know. It could probably take less than a day for you.

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