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Hi I am looking for some longer term brain power for me. I need persons to run couple accounts on discord for me. My business is about NFT industry(digital art and collectibles in cryptocurrency). Im early adopter of new NFT spaces. There is no need for you to know anything about the matter. At the moment this space is really demanding in case of attention span of members on discord rooms and channels. Im lacking of time as an investor already but aware of the big potential. That is why I am looking for people to run multiple accounts (in different web browsers or desktops) to gain access to different rooms. You would also be elligible to the knowledge gained there and in that case you could make significant gains apart from the salary which I can provide. I am willing to pay for 2-4 hours a day in the beginning. Also I would be very helpful if there was any misunderstanding, confusion or any knowledge you would like to gain regarding NFTs. I am trying to make a team of professionals here, so its fine for me if somebody is learning. Please let me know whats your take on that
Budgt above is monthly payment(for beginning)

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