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Blockchain Developer

Building the future of Decentralized Finance, deep expertise in cryptoeconomics, decentralized finance, and blockchain.
Opportunity to work on some of the most incredible ideas in DeFi and crypto. You will be responsible for guiding multiple startups from 0 to 1.
What you will do:
- Write state-of-the-art smart contracts on Ethereum, Solana, Cosmos, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain (roughly in that order), or any other chain we work on. Must have the ability to pick up on new smart contract platforms quickly and work with the bridges between chains.
- Ensure that dapps are tested thoroughly via e2e tests
- Contribute to other open-source projects that we integrate with
- Work in close collaboration with several teams on product architecture and design
What you bring:
- Expertise in Solidity, EVM, and smart contract design (or equivalent experience in any other smart contract platform)
- Strong desire to build decentralized and open source software
- Passion for learning new technology and tackling novel technical problems
As Advance :
- React (or another front-end library) development experience. Familiarity with databases and full-stack frameworks.
- General knowledge of DeFi protocols. Have used several DeFi products (Uniswap, Compound, etc.)
Existing contributions to open-source software products

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