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Need GURU of web development! (pretty basic website stuff)

We are looking for someone that can help me build an entire web online presence. Here is a brief overview:
A; an overall design concept to tie all sites and services together. Logos, colors, buttons, favicons, etc. We want it to look great fro the start. NOTHING TOO EDGY! This is are licensed legitimate builders and brokers just all working together to creat a a service that's meaningful.
1. Need an informational website built for a "Bitcoin Homebuilder". We are a licensed general contractor looking to grow a side hustle helping people utilize Bitcoin to build the home of their dreams! Site will need lots of content and informational graphics, etc explaining the basics of why and how someone may decide to use bitcoin to fund the construction of their home with.
2. Need a real estate based website typical of what you would find with most real estate brokerages. ( Information and bios on real estate agents, the broker, etc.) Pages to show special homes that are for sale using bitcoin partially or in full. plus the ability to work with an API from local multiple listing services to show all homes available in an area, with search function, etc. like I said I believe most of this will just be integrating with existing systems.
3. A website that merges the first two together by offering loans collateralized by bitcoin, escrow payment services for construction draws, managing the bitcoin part of any real estate transaction and also would like this site to have market charts, tools, calculators like payment calculators, affordability, lightforecasting option 9 like what would happen if the value of coin dropped or raised during the term of the process, etc.
4. Behind the scenes to power all of the website would need to be a CRM, email addresses, project management, scheduling software, accounting tools and Ideally we would like ALL of these sites and services to be set up to be self hosted Things like maybe "OpenProject" or "odoo" or a combination of a few. on maybe a large Synology at first and backed up to a cloud server.
I would welcome all proposals, this will definitely require some ongoing work over time but we would like to start getting sites up as quickly as possible.

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