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I am looking for an NFT Game Developer (BSC)that can design a Play to Earn video games for web and mobile.
The idea is to create an upgrade of this game: changing its characters and making it more fun to play or any better idea you have is welcome.
I have set the price at $1000 to give the interested takers to set their price offer for the job for each game requirements since I havee two games. If you can do both, we can arrange the price package for the two.
For the 2nd job. I need the following for an exisiting game that only needs the following:
1. Landing page with metamask and trustwallet integrations 
2. Swap DEX with capabilities to swap our ingame token to main token 
3. Can create NFT out of the Legend Coin inside the game and can create NFT Weapons, Armours, accessories and refines. 
4. Marketplace with buy , sell, gift and breeding functions. 
5. Mobile App
6. Website (Optional)
Thank you very much

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