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Simple React Firebase Component

Create a React component that takes 1 prop as argument. Prop is a string id. On render, component fetches document based on id from firestore. Once received, displays some information from record.
When finished, create some script so I can replicate the firestore state to my local firestore. Use unique collection names to avoid collision.
Must speak english fluent.
Must have professional experience using React and Firebase.
Must deliver within 3 hours of proposal acceptance.
Must use project template and submit pull request to said project when finished.
Must include following statement in proposal submission - "I have read and agree to conditions stated."
By proposing you agree to all these conditions. If conditions are not met your proposal will be ignored/disputed. If you do not complete task in time you agreed, you agree that you will not be paid.
Project template you will use
Focus on completing task not styling.

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