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Crypto Lottery

We need to make a lottery platform.
-Make an interactive rectangle of 5 columns with 8 rows giving a total of 40 numbers that can be bought whole or 1/2
-Create a connect wallet to pay, register the payment and block the purchased number and automatically deliver a ticket to the buyer
-Registration system for purchased tickets
-Counter of hours and minutes until the draw
-Create 3 layers, the first with daily draws, the second with 2 daily draws and the 3rd with a weekly draw. Each one with its interactive rectangle. In the first and second layer, automatic draw and in the third, which is weekly, add to perform streaming
-Cryptocurrency payments, networks: ETH, BSC, Polygon, Fantom, Rose, Solana and BTC
- Interactive online raffle
-For a number to win, the same number must come out 4 times
-All animated sequence online

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Lottery Presenter

Need a lottery presenter. 
$25 USD per hour
Please, DM with video link 

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