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fork Olympus DAO, tomb, titano finance, univ money

This is ifabola who has rich experience in forking Olympus Dao, Tomb finance(Especially 3omb finance) and Thor financial.
As a full-stack blockchain developer, I have forked Olympus Dao, Tomb finance and Thor financial in several EVM networks like Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, Cronos.
I have prepared 3 kinds of packages to help you.
I would like to introduce about my gig in detail following for helping your understanding following.
- Basic Package
 I will provide you with the landing page and presale page 
- Standard Package
 I will provide you with one main page which has included dashboard, staking, and bonding features which has your token/site logo and background image.
 I recommend you provide me the site logo image and background image as well as the token logo.
 I will deploy all smart contracts and integrate them with the front end.
- Premium Package
o In the case of the Olympus
 In this package, I service more features than Standard Packages.
 I will add (4,4)bond which is the next version of Olympus and add a calculator.
o In the case of Tomb finance
 I will for all features of Tomb finance or 3omb finance.

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