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Relictum NFT 
please define what you can provide and for what price monthly budget, and provide the strategy and results you will bring in numbers 
Relictum NFT is searching for:
 -Smm managers 
-Targetologists for Instagram, Twitter, 
-A separate item - target in telegrams. A rare service, one has to learn whether someone provides a foreign market. Not in Russia - manager traffic in discord 
-traffic of managers in tg channels 
- traffic managers to sites 
- marketers naft, crypto, project search 
- marketers and traffic managers of game projects (not gambling, virtual reality, friend to computer games, metaverses) 
- related copywriters 
- nft, metaverses, sensations, crypto, games 
- journalists on the topic 
- nft, metaverses, sensations, crypt, games 
- content managers by topic 
 nft, metaverses, sensations, crypto, games 
- community managers, chat administrators 
- producers of games and NFT projects 
if you can offer anything valuable please provide a letter with our project analysis related to your job field

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