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Hi everyone I am thinking about starting a new software that will manage overdue invoices. The principle is a cloud-based software that will be an intermediary between my invoicing software and the clients. I will inject my invoices in UBL-format and the software will do the followup and act independently and automatically to send reminders for unpaid invoices. Ultimately, this software should be able to transmit these invoices and the necessary information to a lawyer of my choice by e-mail. Therefore, the software would also need to be able to integrate an API for reading the electronic bank statements and make sense of it (I already have the API) for the bank). alternatively, I should be able to go and manually indicate which invoices are paid or not. Also, I need the software to send the invoices to the clients with a payment gateway for quick payment. There are API's that can easily do that. Ideally, the Software would also have a module for invoicing in two formats (pdf and UBL). For me, this software should be user-friendly, reliable and have an attractive user interface. Here below, you will find a link to a similar software that is already on the market. I want something similar but that will be simpler and more user friendly. Can you get back to me with a rough estimate? I am willing to answer all your questions and discuss it with you. Regards

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