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Noak Lindqvist

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Wallet connect

Build functionality to be able to use GoodDollar’s wallet with other DAPPs, for example FuseSwap (without / instead of using MetaMask) 
Easily use the G$ wallet with other DEFI projects, specifically on FUSE. 
ability to scan/paste walletconnect QR code/link and perform the connection
deeplinks or other integration for react-native/mobile version of the GoodDAPP
a screen to confirm signatures/transactions. for verified contracts show the method and params which are being executed
read contract abi from etherscan/fuse explorer
parse tx details and display in human readable format
implement the UI design given
pass code review by wallet team
pass QA by wallet team
write a short article to be published publicly about the dev experience/tutorial
support bug fixing for 2 weeks
deliver in 1 month after starting work

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