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Content marketing is BIG - and with good reason: asking customers for the sale the moment they learn who you are is like walking up to a stranger and asking them to move in - it's asking for the commitment before they even know who you are. So, how are we supposed to get sales? We educate. We tell them what they need to know so they'll look to us as the experts and decide to buy what they need from us. If you're struggling to find the time to do all the thousands of things you need to do as a small business or solo preneur, writing weekly content is probably on your list, but it's the thing that gets dropped to the bottom of the list (or off it entirely). You know it's important, but you've got a thousand other things on your plate. I'm an experienced content writer who produces original, friendly, entertaining and informative content for your audience. I'm happy to write in US or UK English. Don't bother spending your time getting sub-par content that does nothing to market your business.




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