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Ciao! I’m Tema, translator, copywriter, and founder of LLC. A translator by trade, growth hacker by design, I help startups from all over the world overcome language barriers. If you want to enter a new market or scale your existing business with laser-accurate translations, then we should definitely have a conversation. Back in 2015, I decided to have a gap-year and travel the world, staying mostly at hostels and couch-surfing whenever I can. I crossed paths with freelance translators, designers, journalists, and bloggers. I prayed with the Mormons in Istanbul, walked with the devotees of Hare Krishna in Belarus, spent the night in a Greek-Catholic church in Ukraine, woke up at the backyard of a mosque in Georgia. At some point, my “decentralized” way of living introduced me to blockchain in 2017. The idea of having two parties transact directly with each other without the need for a trusted third party piqued my interest. Nowadays I spend my time researching the possible use cases of Blockchain in various industries and helping startups with their multilingual content strategy. We all know how crucial it is to leave a good first impression in the business world. The thing is, when you’re running an online business, you should also consider building a good relationship with search engines. But, as it happens to many of us at times, you might be feeling overwhelmed with all the competition in your niche. Or you might not be getting enough traffic, even though you’ve implemented all the advices of your SEO specialist. That’s where we come in. Having your website translated into other languages can actually be your edge against your competitors. But, where to find the best translators to translate your ad copy? Who could translate your landing page into a language that is totally unfamiliar to you, in the best way possible? You can’t expect a technical translator to deliver the best result when asked to translate a medical report. Not all freelance translators are familiar with keyword research and on-page SEO. Localization requires more than solely being able to translate resumes. Heavily invested in SEO? Don’t let a poorly-made translation derail your efforts. Just finished writing your e-book after all these endless hours? Think about your readers, consider working with an editor. Worked so hard and released your first Udemy course? Why not add subtitles to it? Need to localize your website into multiple languages? Better call Tema. Let’s create something beautiful together.




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