Applying for Axie Scholarship

Name: Alfer Ransley M. Balin

Age: 19

Gender: Male  

Location: Pembo Makati  

Civil Status: Single

Nationality: Filipino  

Education:2nd Year College (BS Information Technology)


Device to be used in playing axie infinity: Iphone 8+ /PC (Ryzen 3)

Internet: Converge

Experience in Mobile Games: Valorant, Call of Duty Mobile , Rules of Survival , Mobile Legends, Clash of Clans

How many hours per day you can dedicate to playing axie: 9-12 Hours cause in playing my current games, I've got addicted and i grind atleast midnight and sometimes not sleep to grind for ranks.

Do you have already experience playing axie infinity: I don't have any idea on playing it, but i heard some on my friends and they told me you need to grind more to gain more slp every single day. I am willing to grind 24/7, just to satisfy my manager.

Hobbies: Playing instruments, Basketball, Gym, Dancing

Reason why we should hire you?: You should hire me because i can make sure that i will give my manager a high quota everyday, and i can make sure that i will be the best scholar. 100% willing to grind and spend my time with this kind of gaming experience.  

How can we guarantee that you will strictly Follow Axie Infinity ToS(Term Of Service): I highly respect the given rules here in Axie Infinity, like how i play my current games. Just focus on the game not on being a toxic player, because focus is the victory not the toxicity.

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Terms of work

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