Applying for CGU Axie Scholarsip


Name: Izak Munoz

Age: 18


Gender: MALE

Location: Las Pinas

Civil Status: SINGLE

Nationality: FILIPINO

Occupation: NONE

Games Played:

EFT, Arma 3, R6, Pubg, GTA V, Cs:Go, Scum, Etc.

Device to be used in playing Axie  Infinity: Desktop

Internet: Sky fibr

How many hours per day can you dedicate to playing Axie: 6-8 HOURS OR UNTIL I REACH MY QUOTA

Do you Have Experience in Axie Infinity? : Yes I do have the basic knowledge about Axie Infinity

Why you should Pick me?: I am willing to learn and develop my knowledge about Axie Infinity and to be a scholar that can provide and exceed that standards and requirements set. I do know that you are looking for more deserving scholars that can help develop your group but this is what I can surely provide if ever I am hired. I have a good general knowledge about Axie infinity, the funds I will earn in this scholarship will be used for basic necessities such as Food, shelter and education, I am currently living with my parents and I've been looking for a job recently yet I lack the requirements that some of them are asking for, me and my parents are trying to help out each other but like all Filipinos in this trying time, we are having a hard time too as of the reason that we don't have any stable income. I hope you consider this application, I've been recommended by a friend of Sir Marco to try this out.

Terms of work

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