Good day manager! Hoping to be a part of your team

Name: Lacno, John Mark R.
Age: 19 years old
Gender: Male
Civil status: Single
Nationality: Filipino
Location: Pansol, Quezon City
Occupation: None
Nationality: Filipino
Device to used in Playing axie infinity: Android phone & Laptop& Laptop
internet conection: Mobile data & Wifi
Average SLP:150-200 SLP Per Day
How many hours per day can you dedicate to play axie infinity: 13-15hours

Do you already have experience playing axie infinity:I may have no experience in playing Axie Infinity but I already know the mechanics of the game by watching tutorials only and since I've play similar both pc and mobile games ever since I was a child until now I have a gist that I can fully adapt to the game immediately.

reason why we choose you:  My Friends have an axie account so i have a little knowledge on how to play axie and i also played many games before so i think i can play axie as well. I'll do my best to reach the quota. Another reason is is want to help my family financially. Thankyouuuu Godbless.

Terms of work
13 hour delivery

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