Name: Jayson Norbe

Age: 26

Gender: MALE

Location: PASAY CITY

Civil Status: Single

Nationality: Filipino

Device to be used: PC/CP Own WIFI

How many hours per day can you dedicate by playing Axie: 24/7, I will grind until I reach my quota.

Do you already have experience by playing Axie Infinity: None. However, I did some research by watching some tutorials, guidelines and tips on how to play Axie Infinity in youtube and Facebook streams. I played online games too. I am playing too much online game that doesn't give me income and still dedicated to play. How much more about playing Axie Infinity that gives people assurance to have a financial income. I know that i will do not just my best, but my very best to play in this game.

Skills: I am Hardworking, Patient, Dedicated, Time Management, and a fast learner type of person.

Reason: To earn money to pay for my studies and to help my parents while enjoying the game

I hope that you will consider me and to be your future scholar. Thank you and God Bless you.

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