Axie Infinity Scholarship


?Good day Manager! ?❤️
Name: Nhecole Jay Samante
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Location: Caloocan City
Connection: Wifi (Converge ICT Solutions INC)
Device to play: Phone (Redmi 9A) / Computer
Free time to play: 20 hours 
Average SLP per day: 150-200+
Gaming Experience: I play a lot of online games such as Valorant, Mobile Legends, LOL, COC, COD, PUBG, ROS, Dota, Cross Fire and other online/offline games.

?Why I deserve to be chosen?
I'm determined to grind maximum of 18 hours everyday to reach the quota. I've already watched the basic guides of this game. Since I played a lot of online/offline games before, I can consider myself as a fast learner. I will not play only for myself, but also to help my parents through financial especially for my tuition fees and bills, I'm incoming 4th year college student this school year. When pandemic started, there's a lot of problems that I had encountered especially financial problems but I will make it as an insipration and motivation.

I will do my best and prove to you that you're not wrong if you choose me as one of your scholars! I will not do anything that my future manager can lose him/her trust and be dissapointed on me. You will help me also to gain experience as a gamer. Those experiences that I will gain from our team, I can help other gamers or scholars by telling my knowledge and experiences especially if they needs help or if they have some questions. Everyone always start in the beginner, not an expert. I can contibute as well all my knowledge about games and crypto. I will also contribute all my efforts and best. I will maintain my good attitude and relationship between us as my manager.

Computer Specs:
Ryzen 3 3200g
Msi A320M Mobo
8gb Skihotar DDR4  1x8gb ram
240gb Atic SSD
Inplay 450w True rated 80plus
Inplay Meteor 01 case
Rakk tanduns Keyboard 
Fantech mouse X9 thor
Monitor AOC 24B1H 23.6 inch


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