Axie Infinity Scholarship

Personal Details:

Fullname: Lausa, Kayl T.

Facebook Account Link: 

Age: 20

Gender: Male 

Mobile No. 09300152617 

Gmail Address: 

Device to be used: Phone/ PC 

Internet Connection: Globe Fiber / Data 

Reason for Applying: 

 I'm looking for scholarship. Employed for already 4 months as a graphic artist of a small company. I do have income but that's not enough for my expenses every month so I decided to make an investment and I noticed that axie is one of the best investment right now. The reason why I have to do this is because I want to make a good future for my family and for myself as well. I will assure you that I will try my very best to make a good benefits for the both of us. I can play this everyday since Im playing strategy games like MOBAs and Card Games just like Runeterra and I am also a hardworking person who surely get things done. 

Terms of work

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