Axie Infinity Scholarship CGU


Good morning/afternoon/evening! 

I'm Gabriel Ezekiel A. Dizon aka GabbyDiz, a 17 year old senior high school student and professional valorant player for Bestial Entertainment. In my life, I grew up as a gamer, playing video games 8-10 hours a day when I was a kid. It started when I was always inside a computer shop cafe where my friends thought me of playing Dota Warcraft III and CS 1.3v then I got addicted to different type of computer games like rhythmic music games, first person shooter games, multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA and different more. I'm a critical thinker where I always want to learn new things to become the best and has a mindset of a professional gamer where I always aim for the best with passion on every process that I do. I would love to give service with the skills that I have in order to contribute to the team like problem solving, grinding, fast learning, critical thinking, sharing my knowledge about a certain thing and keeping a positive and professional mentality. 

Name: Gabriel Ezekiel A. Dizon

Age: 17

Gender: Male 

Location: General Trias Cavite

Civil Status: Single 

Nationality: Filipino 

Birthday: March 22, 2004 

FB name: Gabriel Ezekiel A. Dizon

FB Page: GabbyDiz

Twitter: @GabbyDiz

Instagram: @GaabbyDiz


High school Grad: St. Anthony School

Device to be used in playing Axie Infinity: Personal Computer (PC) 

Internet: PLDT Fiber Wifi 100mbps

How many hours per day can you dedicate to playing Axie: 4 to 6 hours 

Average SLP per day: 150-300 SLP or up


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