I'm Xyrus Cube, and I'm from the Philippines. In addition to being a sports fan, I'm also active in the online or gaming world. I've been playing since I was about five years old. From Nokia 3210 games through Gameboy, and now to smart phones and computers, games have come a long way. I knew I enjoyed playing games since I felt good while doing so. It alleviates sadness and solves issues. Especially with the outbreak of the pandemic. Playing online games has taken up a lot of my time, especially since the pandemic began, because stepping outdoors is dangerous. It's difficult for me to locate occupations that I'm allowed to have at my age, especially because I'm a minor who is unable to leave the house. This is the finest way I can think of to make money while doing what I enjoy doing the most, which can also assist my family and, of course, the manager.

Here are some of my gaming accomplishments/experience

GTA V finished the story mode

Counterstrike was competing in mini tournaments

League of Legends Gold 1 Highest rank 

Minecraft defeated the ender dragon

Prototype finished the story mode

Mobile legends Mythical Glory 1k points highest rank

Dragon City completed all types of dragons

Tekken 6 Tekken God highest rank

Paladins Gold 3 highest rank

Call of Duty mobile Legendary 20k points highest rank

Clash of Clans Reached Town Hall 10 and reached Master league

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based game in which users acquire NFTs of adorable creatures and then combat them. During games, players can acquire SLP tokens, which they can then swap for cash at an exchange. It's stoking a "play-to-earn" trend in the game.

Terms of work

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