Hello po sir

1. At the moment sir the SLP farmable in a day decrease to 75 but can still increase by doing PVP which 150 SLP is still possible for a scholar to farm.

2. Scholars, Pick those who are very deserving and trust worthy because if they do something prohibited in the Sky mavis rules and guidelines, the scholar account can get banned then as well as the manager.

3. Keep yourself updated with your scholars, there are scholar trackers in the internet. They are very safe and very handy for managers.

4. Regarding axies, you can either spend 200k+ for a breeder axies or just a pure virign for around 100k.

5. Lastly hire me. I can help you grow your team. Ive been researching axie infinity for atleast 2-3months now

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Terms of work
5 hour delivery

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