Axie Scholarshipeople

Good day manager ,I am Shara Mae Oyangorin ,I am 17 years old ,Female hoping po na matanggap na bilang iskoo hehe i can play within 8-10 hours .

How well you know the axie mechanics: 

Honestly, I don't know about the mechanics of this game but my friends are playing axie so they can guide and teach me. I am willing to learn this game and prove myself that this game is not just for entertainment but also a big help for my future and to my family as well .

Why should you choose me?

I want to help my parents especially now that my father will be the only one to provide for our needs and I want to help my family especially in the gaming industry because it will trained my ability and skills, I hope that in this game I will not only enjoy but I will be able to help myself, my parents and my sister especially in today's time of pandemic. Hopingg pooo

Terms of work

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