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I’m a Blockchain expert having 5 years of experience in developing decentralized solutions. I'm a crypto trader and blockchain enthusiast. With my leadership and Fintech business knowledge I helped companies to grow and uphold.

I worked on multiple start-up projects related to blockchains and cryptocurrency, gaining experience covering blockchain, consensus algorithms, Hyperledger, bitcoind, geth, ethminer, JSON RPC, transactions, testnets, on-chain atomic swaps, cryptocurrency mining, coin trading, centralized and decentralized exchanges, and crypto ecosystem modeling.

I have developed multiple DAPP’s by writing smart contracts on Ethereum, Binance Smart chain, Solana and Tron. Also making sure that all the test cases are completed in Chai Mocha. I also have hands-on experience with ERC standards like ERC20, ERC721, ERC998, ERC1155, ERC223, ERC1400, etc. I use my FullStack skills (MERN Stack) to interact with smart contracts in Web Applications.

Have run my own full nodes of BTC, ETH, DASH, XRP, LTC along with ERC20 deposit withdrawal functionality for mobile wallets and crypto exchanges. In which I also designed a highly efficient trading engine using REDIS and achieved a TPS of 7000 Transactions per second.

♦ Let me mention some of the major use cases that I have worked on previously:

• NFT Marketplace like OpenSea, Rarible. Mintable

• Real Estate Tokenization

• Token & ICO Development

• Decentralized Exchange (like Uniswap)

• Cryptocurrency Exchange (like Binance)

• Blockchain Development (Having up to 10,000TPS)

♦ Some of the development frameworks I have a good hold of are:

• Solidity Smart Contracts

• Blockchain Node

• Web3JS/Truffle/Infura/IPFS

• NodeJS

• ReactJS

• MongoDB

• AWS Cloud

• ExpressJS


My company Softtik Technologies has already paved the foundation for a lot of brands that are leading today in the FinTech world.

We can help you to put existence into your dream idea. Hit me up, let's talk about it.


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