CGU Axie Infinity Scholar

Good day manager!

Personal Resume

Name: Magbanua John Lezter L.

Adress: Brgy. Assumption City of San Jose Del Monte Bulacan

Age: 20

Civil Status: Single

Birthday: July 6 Year: 2001

Gender: Male

Email Adress:

Nationality: Filipino

Contact No. : 09686071193 Smart

Games played: Mobile Legend, Crossfire, League of Legends, Point Blank, Rules of Survival

Device to be use in playing Axie Infinity: Android Phone(Realme 6 Pro) 

Internet: Wifi Converge & Data

How many Hours per day can you dedicate to play Axie Infinity: 6-8 hours or until i reach the quota

I don't have enough experience on axie yet, but I have a lot of experience on grinding games and I spent most of my time playing. I'm a fast learner, can easily adopt and understand the strategies of the game, and willing to give my time and effort to reach the quota needed. I've been watching streams and tutorials about Axie Infinity. I am studying techniques and strategies for the game. I will follow the rules and regulations that you will give. I hope we can manage your team properly in the long run. I'll make sure to take care of your axies to maximize there potentials and willing to learn about this game patiently. Thank you!

Terms of work

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