CGU Axie Infinity Scholarship

  • Here’s a little insight into what we are looking for in terms of AXIE gamers/players who wish to register.


1) Gaming experience (write down all the games you played, your rank, achievements in point form). If you played AXIE before or what have you learnt from watching on YouTube etc

  • I played ML (Mythic 1), Codm (Legendary), Lolmobile (Emerald), and Ros (Diamond 2).

2) Can you grind? You wanna make good SLP, one hour is not enough. Tell us how long you can play daily. Not once a month.

  • I can grind 8-10 hours everyday.

3) Your character. We are looking for people we can trust and build a team around in the long run.

  • I am good in teamwork, time management, hardworking, a fast learner, willing to learn new knowledge, trustworthy, and I am a goal oriented person.

4) What you can contribute to us. Why are you better than everyone else, what makes you stand out?

  • I have advantage compared to other people because I am good in playing online games, I'm hardworking, responsible, and eager to earn money for my studies and family needs.

5) What computer equipment do you use? What is your WiFi like?

  • Phone
  • PLDT WiFi

Place your answers in the DESCRIPTION (sa GIG), attach a resume (even better), then we will consider you. Select FREELANCER and GAMING Category.

You can update your bio and description to help us understand what you can offer. Sell yourself better.


Secondly - we are looking at other games too, not just AXIE. Crytoblades, MyDefiPet, etc so if you know how to play other games, tell us about it.

Lastly, how many scholars are we looking for? We are in trial mode, but rest assured if we spot the right talent that meets our criteria, we will hire you straight away just like what we did with our first-ever scholar.

JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP (CCU) to get to know other gamers and a chance to our CGU TEAM. Any other questions, just ask or PM/DM @MarcoSelorio_CGU .

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Terms of work

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