Name: Kathleen Mones

Age: 21

Occupation: Student

Location: Sta. Mesa, Manila

I played games like ML (Mythic V with MMR of 2000+), PUBG, COD, and LOL before and I am currently playing Genshin Impact (AR54 in 3 months) right now. I pretty much stay at the computer screen half the time i'm awake.

I learned Axie from my boyfriend since he is playing too and am fairly familiar with the rules of the game. I've also watched several youtube videos and followed pages that give gameplay tips when battling. I follow Kookoo Crypto TV on YouTube and learned from his videos. He discusses the game mechanics well and made me familiar with the know-hows of the game.

I can grind 6-8 hours a day. I'm used to sitting for long hours playing since I am an avid fan of online games and can also watch a Kdrama season in one sitting. If I put my mind to it, I can do things than I set myself to do.

I am a 3rd year Business Administration student majoring in Financial Management. I am familiar with cryptocurrencies and has been then on lookout for opportunities to apply what I learned. If given the chance, I am willing to work hard and provide my best effort to contribute to the team.

I've been playing games since I was a kid. The very first game I loved was Pokemon Emerald. I played it on Gameboy Advance SP. And now, I am hooked playing Genshin Impact, sitting at Adventure Rank 54 right now. I can learn mechanics fast and can process things quickly. I am a goal-oriented woman and perseveres in everything I am tasked to do. 

I have a laptop with 8GB RAM that can run Axie smoothly. And we have SkyFiber at home with 25mbps plan.

Aside from the benefits, my ultimate goal is to help the team I am in. 

There is money involved in every Axie team the manager will provide, and as a scholar, I will make sure to return the money he has invested and make profit for the team.

If you think I'm a great fit, hire me! 

Terms of work

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