Hello Manager ? I would like to apply and be part of your team here's my details:

Name: Mildred C. Belmores
Age: 22 yrs old 
Country: Philippines
Birthday: August 08,1999
Gender: female
Internet: Wifi- Pldt home Fibr- 25 mbps / Data 
Device:  Android Phone & Laptop

Location: Antipolo City , Rizal

What’s your daily slp average: 

*I can get 75 up slp per day, I'll continuing grinding until i reach my goal SLP per day.

Grinding Hours:

* I can grind for (6-10) Hours in a day.

Gaming Experience
*Mobile Legends ( Mythical Glory) 
*Call of duty
*Clash of Clans
*Cross Fire
*Lost lineage
*Rules of Survival
*Genshin Impact
*League of Legends

*What i have learnt from watching youtube and livestream

- I have learned that there are few rules on playing axie: 

  • The number one rule is one account for one scholar only  don’t be a greedy person give the other a chance to earn money ( do not share your account to others)
  • Play your acc on the first two weeks on Adventure and Pvp Arena, focusing on leveling up.
  • Know your cards and learn strategies and Techniques for you to be able to win.
  •  Respect the managers decision and be humble always 
  • Be responsible , and always show a good character in everything. 
  • Time, Effort and Patience.

*What can you contribute :

  • If i were be chosen as one of the scholars , I will be very loyal and committed to the game, and to the managers  . I do all the responsibilities with positivity , I am a trustworthy person and very hardworking, I'll do my best to apply all my experiences and expertise on the game and playing it with all my heart. The best contribution that i have is a good performances , good heart , Commitment and Faith. 
  •  I have much experiences when i was young, I am a gamer eversince 2016 i do play a lot of games , i do streams, and joining some tournaments , I am an aspirant gamer and Singer. 
  • I can promote CGU to my Social media , Friends , Game friends and help the organization to be known.

I will be very Bless if you consider me to be one of your scholars. Thank you and God Bless your Team.?


"There's a hope in every trials"

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Terms of work

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