CGU Axie Scholarship

Hi I am Sergel Marco M Agno, I am a dedicated gamer from the Philippines that spends the majority of my time in front of a screen. Whether it is studying or playing games I stay dedicated to my craft.  I first got into gaming back when I was in elementary when I always played with my PSP almost everywhere I go, and then I slowly transitioned to pc games. Back when facebook had games like zombie cafe, miscrit, pet society, farm ville and even farm town I always loved playing games. I always love the grind, the grind of improving from game to game. I've always loved the grind especially when there is something in return. Even when grinding I always try to have fun because gaming was meant to be fun. Ive also played on some multiplayer like League of Legends, Apex, Pubg, Wild Rift, GTA V and even Pokemon Go. I am like a wheel going downhill, once I get momentum, I'm on a roll. 

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