CGU Axie Scholarship

I'm applying for Axie Scholarship and here is my resume:

I'm Jean Francis Liquin, 22 years old, a college student studying Business Administration major in Marketing Management. The device I use for gaming are computer and mobile phone. I've been a gamer for like 6-10 years. I'm a player of League of Legends, Idate, Crossfire, Grand Chase, Steps, Audition PH, Rules of Survival, Mobile Legends, Call of Duty Mobile, The Walking Dead: Survivors, Mafia City.

You should choose me because I can grind for hours to reach the daily qouta or more, and I'm a trustworthy and responsible person. I also need this scholarship to help my family and to continue my studies as well.

You can email me at:

Facebook: Jean Francis Liquin 

Terms of work

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