Crypto Gaming University Scholarship


 Good day! Manager,

Applying for Axie Infinity scholarship?

Name: Gabrielle G. Medenilla

Age: 21

Location: Manggahan, Pasig City

Civil Status: Single

Nationality: Filipino

Occupation: Student

Device to be used: Android phone

Internet [wifi/data]: Wifi- Sky Fiber

Online hours: 8-12hrs

Target SLP/day: 150-200+

Game experience

-Call Of duty Mobile

-Mobile legends

-Mobile legends Adventure

Do you have experience Playing Axie infinity?

Currently I do not have experience on playing Axie Infinity but I've watched streamer/Youtuber or other manager's vlogs that gave tutorial (example: Axie Hunter|TV & Modern Mulan) on its game mechanics and observed that there are some games that I played before similar to Axie infinity like ML Adventure on which is more on strategic planning, but eventhough I have knowledge about the game, I'm eager to learn more from you.

I think the most valuable skill I can give and is appropriate for this job is being strategic and perseverance which I gained on taking my college course which marketing management. I can and I will produce satisfying result. I will be a respectable and responsible scholar and give my dedication for the job until the satisfactory quota.

I hope you will find the reason to choose me to be on of your scholars. This opportunity will help me gain more experience especially on terms of cooperation. Thank you and Godbless Manager\s.


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