Full-stack Web developer

I’m an experienced and hard working programmer and developer with more than 15 years of experience. 

I am passionate, take pride in what I do and learn and improve myself every day in my field of work. I also continued my academic studies and hold a master degree in Computer Science(AI). I primarily work with the following development stack, but I can learn anything really fast: 

- Java, Haskell, C#, VB, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby on Rails, FoxPro, Prolog. 

- HTML5, CSS3/SASS/LESS , Twitter Bootstrap 

- Node.js/Express.js, Laravel framework, pure PHP and Javascript, 

- Wordpress, Drupal, Headless cms 

- MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, FirebaseDB, DynamoDB, AzureDB, Oracle, 

- Swift, Android - React Native, Flutter - Ionic, PhoneGap 

- AWS, Digital Ocean, Heroku - Webpack, Gulp, Grunt -

 Jasmine, Mocha, Chai 

If you need an expert and consistent developer/programmer that have valuable experiences and able to work hard until your project becomes successfully done, just contact me :), 

I also can manage and provide a team,

Terms of work
1 hour delivery

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