I am a starter lecturer and trainer in the EFL field.

Eduardo Becerrit is an English language teacher from Venezuela, who finds his home in a coastal town, Morón. He has got a BA in Education and is majored in ELT at the University of Carabobo. He culminated his MA in Research with a major in Educational Research at the same University. He got a diploma in Neuroscience and Neurolearning from a Mexican institute. He is Global Associate Director for Southern America and Greater Region. Additionally, he is an in-service teacher of EFL in Ali Primera Technical School and material developer in his locality and he has worked in formal and informal academic contexts, having 5 years of teaching experience.

I am able to translate documents from English to Spanish or from Spanish to English. 

I can provide tutorship to people conducting research in any field or preparing documents for specific purposes.

I can teach online lessons for language adquisition. 

I can help you with assessorship in how to deal with school planning.   

Contact me on Eduteacher1@gmail.com

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Terms of work
1 hour delivery

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