I will create psychedelic art for you

My name is Brandon Fisher I Am a multidisciplanry artist. My work is very colorful,vibrant, amd psychedelic. Most people when they see my work it takes them on a journey... it moves them somewhere inside themself. IT is from a higher place a further place another dimension another time. It is the kind of artwork perfect for the crypto space, for the metaverse... There is no limits to it....

I honestly believe my style icould lend itself to all areas of design.

Game design- backgrounds,concepts, characters

Web site- gifs, logos, videos,creative content

Clothing- Far Out clothing, Psychedelic, colorful, futuristic patterns and colors

I Am very open to working with you and coming up with something completely new. 

If you are looking for a unique and original artist contact me

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Terms of work

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