I will develop nft smart contract, nft minting website, nft marketplace


Welcome to my nft smart contract, nft minting website, nft marketplace gig.

I'm a professional blockchain developer building numerous blockchain and nft projects for over years, I am fully aware of the entire process on web development, nft marketplace, blockchain development, minting website, nft smart contract development, front end and back end development. I work with expertise regardless of any blockchain and frameworks, CMS, Libraries, services, databases and APIs.

My services  

  • Landing Page or Complete Website Design\NFT Website with Mint Button & Connect Wallet Button
  • Dutch Auction, Lazy Minting
  • Gas Optimized ERC721 or ERC-1155 Smart Contracts
  • For Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, BSC
  • Presale, whitelist, giveaway
  • NFT Artwork Variations & Metadata
  • Whitelisting using Merkle tree
  • Web-3, Open Sea Integrations
  • Evolve, Breed, Mutation

Why Choose Me?  

● 100% Quality Work

● Client Satisfaction

● Easy Communication

● Fast delivery time  

Make sure you contact me before placing an order.

Thanks & Regards

Terms of work
10 hour delivery

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