I will do business strategy & finance consulting

I will consult you on your business journey regarding strategy and finances. My strong suit is e-commerce, agile transformation and portfolio management

The more details and data you can provide, the better and accurate I can perform. I will sign a non-disclosure agreement if needed.

My expertise:

  • E-commerce: Product sourcing, Shopify online store implementation, influencer marketing, cost accounting and financial calculations, business strategy
  • Agile Transformation: Identifying your pain points, increasing business agility by implementing culture change and productivity software & tools (Office 365, Trello, etc.), fostering collaboration in your work environment, being your scrum master or product owner
  • Portfolio Management: Providing insightful knowledge on crypto assets, growth and technology stocks as well as rather conservative value stocks and ETFs, finding the optimal asset allocation strategy for your investment plans (short, mid and long-term)

I'm thrilled to learn about you and your business!

Terms of work
2 hour delivery

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