I will extract contact details of qualified and vetted B2B leads


If you are a business or service selling to other businesses (in any niche), and you want a long line of qualified clients competing to work with you ( you get to decide who to pick), read on. 

Have you spent tons of money to hire lead generation gurus with little or no results to show forth? Do you keep landing clients that frustrate your team and give you sleepless nights, because you are not a perfect fit? I understand you and I can resonate with your ordeal.

 So this is how I can help: 
—Create a data-backed buyer persona to know exactly who you are targeting.

— Conduct an Advanced Google search or digging to fetch out valid email addresses of your ideal clients. 

— Clean the list of email addresses with specialized software.

— Qualify them based on a set of criteria that help you hit your revenue target or outreach objectives. 

— Compile their contact information in Google sheet under the following column headlines: 

a. Company name

 b. Website URL 

c. Name of the CEO, CMO, or COO and their LinkedIn Profiles 

d. Valid and Direct Business Email Address of the Decision Maker

 e. Full Physical Address

 f. Company Switchboard Number 

Why Should We Work Together:

1.Sample of 50 qualified leads in an excel file or in a CSV file. 

2. 98% Valid Email Addresses 

3. Replacement of Invalid Emails 

4. Percent off on Second Order 

5. Free 50 qualified leads for valid referrals from your business 

6. 24 Hours Customer Support 

Want a sample?...

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You don't need to proceed if the sample leads aren't qualified.

 Always on the lookout for qualified businesses to work with. Let's jump on a discovery call to see if we are a perfect combo. 

P.S. I write cold emails that get you sales call for your business. Contact me for that, too.

My Top Lead Generation Software & Resources: 

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

2. Pipedrive 

3. ContactEcom 

4. NeverBounce 

5. Hunter.io 

6. Zoominfo, Crunchbase, AngelList, Yelp, Yellow Page

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