Python Web Scraping (collecting data from websites)

I can create a python script that will visit any website and collect the data which you require. This can be automated to several timed per hour if necessary. 


Examples of use cases:


  •  Scrape product details (price, images, rating, reviews etc.) from retailer/manufacturer/eCommerce websites (Ex: Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Alibaba etc.) to show on own websites, to provide price comparisons, to perform a price watch on competing sellers etc.


  •  Scrape property details and agent contact details from real estate websites


  • Scrape contact details of businesses as well as individuals from yellow pages websites


  • Scrape people profiles from social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. for tracking online reputation.


  • Scrape hospital/clinic websites to build a catalog of health physicians including their contact details


  • Scrape reviews of products and places/hotels/restaurants


  • Crawl forums and communities to extract data from posts and authors


  • Scrape articles from various article/PR websites to feature in own website


  • Scrape data from various Government websites, most of which do not provide an easy way to download the data which they display.

Minimum time required

2 Hours

Rate per hour