KDP Coloring Book Pages for Children and Adults

There is a lot of money to be made on KDP, and you know that, even in 2021.  

The problem is creating unique interiors:  one (1), is to avoid violating KDP guidelines and risk getting banned and your business being shut down forever, and two (2), is to give your product an evergreen feel so that it doesn't feel like you've just downloaded those images from stock sites which are probably used over and over again and will "fade out" its appeal as trends change, and three (3), is to give your customers a unique experience with a product they'll love and recommend, which all in all, will give you a consistent passive income that you can milk from years and years to come. 

You like to long-term plan, and you should. You like a stand-out idea and great graphics that come with it. If you're serious with your business.
Because the money will follow if the quality is established. 
So-so-ing your products in 2021 is no longer an option. Everybody's getting their feet on the net and in the business. And to stand out is your only ultimate strategy to thrive and survive.

Hi, Business Owner! 

My name is Jay. I'd like to create your KDP coloring books with nifty details and a hand-drawn feel. 
I like to do illustrations and anything artsy since a young kid and that seed cannot be shaken off or cut down. 
Coupled with my undying interest and enthusiasm in entrepreneurship and out-of-the-box money-making-avenues, I like brainstorming ideas with you if the opportunity comes, if I've something meaningful to offer. 

Ideating consumes my everyday thoughts and what better way to exercise it than with someone enthusiastic in the same thing I'm enthusiastic about.

I draw from imagination, and my anatomy is standard. 
The illustrations will be in clean and crisp line art. 
Send me sample illustrations with your ideas in mind. 

So excited to journey with you!

Send me a message! 

Peace out!



Gig Details: 

Amount        Pages         Objects         Details                                           Delivery 

    $15                 10                    1                 Simple                                            3 Days
   $35                  8                     1                 Fairly Detailed                              5 Days
   $45                  5                     1-3             Detailed - Fairly Intricate          7-8 Days

Files: PNG, Source File

You'll get 1-2 Bonus Pages on your next avail. 

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Terms of work

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