Looking for Axie Scholarship (CGU)

Good Day Manager!

I am Jan Francis Aaron S. Munar, 18, From Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. I'm a Gamer ever since I can remember and I want to earn with my Years of Skills that I have invested in Gaming. And right now I am looking for an Axie Scholarship. I've played MMORP Games like Axie Infinity in the past with the same mechanics like Dragon City and Marvels Alliance on Facebook. I watched YouTube videos when Axie came up in my timeline and wanted to play and earn in it but sadly I don't have the money to purchase my own Axie Team. I'm willing to learn anytime with the knowledge I'm lacking and definitely would listen to advices that will be advised. I've been stuck with my computer ever since I bought it last pandemic. And I've been casually scrolling with nothing to do in my spare time and I had an Epiphany that I am wasting my time doing nothing so might as well dedicate it into earning some Money so I can help with our expenses and basic necessities.

Pictured Above are my Gaming Experiences and Ranks.

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