Looking for CGU Axie Infinity Scholarship!

Dear Managers! Please check my CV and try me!

Name: Johnrico Labarda

Age: 29

Location: Bay, Laguna

Why choose me to become your Axie Infinity scholar?:

- Definitely a well-seasoned gamer from a different role and platform since year 2003 until now.  I honestly never had an experience to play Axie Infinity (ang mahal ng teams, haha), but I can assure you my willingness to learn even in small bits of details. I am doing now a lot of research and gaining information on how this game works . Big help also for the streamers since i get a lot knowledge on the how the game works! (adventure,pvp)

- Team oriented player and fast learner. Willing to do task as assigned and even exceeding your expectations.

- Trustworthy and reliable.

- Can manage pressure and goal oriented driven for the sake of the team’s vision/objectives

- How many hours/day can play? Can commit 4 hours and above. Average time around 6 hours or can grind more hours kung bawasan ko na ang mga games I played currently and focus to Axie infinity if I’m lucky to be scholar.

- Keen to the details and have an endless patience specially in skills & strategy based games.

Why I want to become Axie scholar?:

- This is my thinking a long year before, naguubos nga naman tayo noon ng time sa paglalaro ng online games even 24/7 pa, but I want this dedication and passion to the game will also paid me off. Ito na yung matagal na drawing sa isipan ko. I know, I’ll need to become more responsible if I’m lucky to become scholar.Giving this opportunity will help me financially specially with my little baby and to support my wife in our daily needs. Also this can support me to my son's education needs . this can also give me a window to share the blessing to the community.

You may reach me thru this email if your need more details from me: 


Good luck to all aspirant Axie Infinity scholars.

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